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Our Friends

Welcome to Paci's Cafe

If you like Paci's Cafe, you also might enjoy these friends of ours.
KCMiata Club
Giovanni's Italian Deli & Pasta
6100 NE Antioch Road
Gladstone MO 64119
Fax: 816.459.7029

Giovanni's Website!

Anthony's Restaurant
(25 years with the original owner and the same chef!)
701 Grand
Kansas City MO

Anthony's Website

For precion firearms, check out our friend George Gardner's website. G.A. Precision, 1209 Swift Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116
phone: (816) 221-1844, fax: (816)- 421-4958

Need a new bike or accessories? Does your bike need work? Visit the Biscari Brothers at either of their convenient locations. Email them at

Biscari Brothers' Website

101 Armour Road, North Kansas City,