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Coming Events

Welcome to Paci's Cafe


Live music coming back at Pacis Friday night October 28, 2005

7:30 PM  to 10:00 PM



Halloween Party Saturday night October 29
Wine tasting coming November 12 , 2005
Call or come in for details 816-985-1157



Or friend Chris has moved to Iowa, but if you want to contact him, his eMail is
And now, more than ever,  we're looking for music! If you want to play or know someone who does call us or send us an eMail!


Don't forget the Tour for 2005!! Below is a link to a preview site.
2005 Tour De France on all month at Paci's (July)
Tour ends this Sunday July 24, 2005

Tour Preview

101 Armour Road, North Kansas City,